Disability & Aging Services

County boards and state developmental disability and aging agencies are committed to improving the quality of life for individuals they serve and their families. Person-centered systems of services and supports deliver assistance wherever they choose to live, work, and spend their day. When people work in their communities and earn good wages, opportunities multiply. Employment provides the opportunity to earn an income, build a nest egg, make friends, and increase self-confidence. Stronger supports for families improve lives.

Agencies are increasingly devising strategies to enhance quality outcomes, including those related to the health and well-being of all people receiving services. As they continue to address new and complex challenges, many see an opportunity to increase the use of both technology and data to drive innovation and inform quality management practices. With this increased emphasis on using technology and data comes new solutions to address systemic structures such as regulations, incident management and to embed quality practices into the state’s integrated and holistic approaches to supports and service.

With over 15 years of successful delivery supporting some of the largest customers and systems in the world, we leverage our experience to deliver innovative and effective products and solutions at a value. Strategic Systems Government Services provides the knowledge expertise and capability to successfully deliver your vision. We leverage our talents to allow you to focus on higher priorities.

Solutions That Transform & Perform

  • AI Chat Bot Services that processes large volume of calls a day – 24/7.
  • Cloud API integration to move data between Government entities (state and counties).
  • Quick Security Penetration Testing Threat Simulation – make sure your data and systems are secure and protected.
  • Mobility – Go Mobile! Take your systems with you.
  • Infrastructure & PC Upgrades – modernize and have a peace of mind.
  • Data Cleanup and Deduplication.
  • Drive greater productivity, create efficiencies and reduce costs with RPA (Robotic Process Automation) to handle everyday tasks that allow you to focus on individuals.

Case Study: Developmental Disabilities

County boards of developmental disabilities and a large state department of developmental disabilities (DODD) worked with system stakeholders to jointly invest in higher rates for Direct Service Professionals. This investment, one of the largest in system history required updates to thousands of individual cost projections. Strategic Systems was proud to partner with the stakeholders to make the needed changes effectively, efficiently and timely using cutting edge robotic process technology.


In support of direct service professionals, the DODD stakeholders along with the DODD advocated for competitive rates for over 15,000 direct service professionals.

The DODD provides a CMS mandated cost projection tool, the Medicaid Services System (MSS) that supports the cost projection and service authorization of services for over 40,000 individuals on Medicaid waivers.

To accomplish service rates changes, counties must recalculate individual service plans. This recalculation process can be time consuming and take time away from working with individuals being served.

The DODD processes almost 600,000 Medicaid claims for a 40-million-dollar value weekly. In order for claims to process without error cost projection must be updated and accurate.

In order to support the integrated process and update the rates, cost projections needed to be updated over a short period of time.


Working with the DODD business SME’s and IT, Strategic Systems analyzed the challenges and recommended a Robotic Process Automation (RPA) tool be developed to address the noted challenges.

The RPA process would automate the cost projection process within MSS to quickly update the plans saving time and dollars through elimination of a labor-intensive process. Correspondingly the noted savings would then allow county staff more time to support individuals, families and providers.

Business Results

The developed RPA process is another example of how Strategic Systems is using new innovative technologies effectively to partner and collaborate with clients to provide real benefits. The partnership with the DODD including business and IT leadership coupled with effective use of leading-edge technology offered county boards immediate benefits. The impact across a 2.5-billion-dollar enterprise was significant, freeing county staff from weeks of manual processing that could be used to better support individuals, families, guardians, and providers. Additionally, automating the process allowed the RPA robot to complete work quickly, efficiently, and accurately. Finalization reports were generated for verification along with error reports. The RPA process was able to discover errors in the data that could be manually corrected. In all, the RPA process supported calculations for 57 counties and over 11,000 sites serving individuals with developmental disabilities. This equated to 14,141 individuals receiving services in total. Of these individuals, 12,840 (91%) successfully ran with only 1301 (9%) with a failure.

Strategic Systems’ Robotic Process Automation (RPA) solutions can help your organization focus on your priorities and allow you to only handle exceptions rather than manual tasks that require too much time to be completed in a reasonable amount of time.

See the Robot in Action: