Products & Solutions

With over 15 years of successful delivery supporting some of the largest customers and systems in the world, we leverage our experience to deliver innovative and effective products and solutions at a value. Strategic Systems Government Services provides the knowledge expertise and capability to successfully deliver your vision.

The Mandated Reporter and Provider Portal are just two of many products created to aid child welfare communities. These inexpensive and effective approaches are provided to improve communications, increase efficiencies, and reduce phone calls/emails. We leverage our talents to allow you to focus on higher priorities.

Improve Your Services with Our Products

  • Quick and easy submission and at any time via a web browser, a mobile device or a chatbot.
  • Reduce phone calls and waiting on hold.
  • Timely and direct entry improves the quality of information received and makes life easier for everyone.
  • Information can be saved making future tasks even easier.
  • System integration eliminates any duplicate data entry.
  • Keep everyone informed with easy to access information, communications and training.

Please contact us if you would like additional information about our products, solutions or anything we can do to help.