The Family Provider Portal

There is a growing need for new foster homes. Ensuring every child has a safe, happy, and healthy permanent homes is a substantial effort. All Child Welfare information must be carefully maintained, reviewed, and verified. The Family Provider Portal makes it easier for agencies and families to stay informed any day, anytime, and anywhere.

Strategic Systems has been supporting Child Welfare systems since it was founded over 16 years ago. Our HuLink Family Provider Portal (FPP) subscription options are convenient and cost-effective. Getting started is as easy as adding a button or a link to your existing web site.

This secure portal supports convenient continuous communication and engagement making it is easy to view or request information via a web browser or mobile device. There are never any wait times. The quality of information received is improved because the family can directly submit information promptly. Better information benefits the child(ren) and everyone concerned. Seamless Integration with your existing child welfare system eliminates duplicate data entry.


Mobile-Friendly Initial Inquiry

  • Families interested in Adoption, Foster Care, and Kinship care can submit a request to start an application during the day or night.
  • Kinship families can make specific inquiries about children in their family.
  • Families that submit an inquiry will receive a customized email response with an optional document attachment to provide them more information.
  • Your staff can review the inquiries, add users, and edit other organizational information.
  • The solution is less expensive and time-consuming than having a web developer build and maintain it.


Mobile-Friendly Initial Inquiry and an Online Application Process

  • The mobile-friendly portal provides an efficient online application process, which helps families and staff.
  • The online portal guides the family through submitting application information, children's preferences, references and upload necessary documents.
  • Everyone can view updates and progress at any time.
  • Families and Staff can securely exchange messages to comply with HIPPA regulations for exchanging personal and medical information.
  • Your staff can accept the application or request follow up items.
  • The online process is affordable and less time consuming than manual processes.


Mobile-Friendly Initial Inquiry, Online Application, Placement, Appointment, Expense, Training processes, and more.

Families can view and maintain information about their household and children in their care. The family can also view more information about potential placement requests. licensing activities.

Agencies and their providers can:

  • Track contacts with prospective foster families, including information and orientation sessions.
  • Document pre-service and ongoing trainings.
  • Maintain a calendar of upcoming trainings and events.
  • Reduce phone calls and time waiting on hold.
  • Monitor compliance with initial and ongoing training requirements.
  • Create alerts for key milestones, renewals, and re-approvals.
  • Utilize an efficient online licensing process, which helps everyone.
  • Submit electronic home study/assessment questions to collect information before the visit.
  • Track completion/submission of documents and requirements for approval such as the application, health checks, home study, background checks, budget, etc.

Foster Families, Prospective Foster Families and Kinship Caregivers can:

  • View and respond with the online licensing process including the submission of the initial application and annual renewals.
  • Track training requirements and progress, explore and enroll in training courses.
  • Quickly access the information about the potential matches and placed children.
  • Report online about any health or education changes or progress for the placed children.
  • Track appointments related to placed children, training, and agency staff visits.
  • Easily submit expenses and check information on payments online.
  • Submit electronic applications and annual updates.
  • Update household composition, contact information & availability.
  • Upload documents
  • • Trainings certificates.
    • Medical or educational paperwork for children placed in the home.
    • Photos of a child.
    • Financial documentation.
    • Clothing receipts.

  • The dashboard provides
  • • Trainings certificates.
    • Upcoming court dates.
    • Assigned caseworker/supervisor contact information.
    • Appointments related to Case/Service Plans and Visitation Plan.
    • Key medical information (Medicaid #, allergies, medications, etc.).

Secure & Dependable

All Family Provider Portal products utilize Amazon Web Services (AWS). Federal, state, and local agencies rely on AWS for world-class security, protection, and compliance. The AWS environment provides reliable workload capacity that can automatically scale when and where you need it.

About Strategic Systems

As an information technology firm, we have partnered with child welfare programs, government agencies, and Fortune 50/500/1000 companies to deliver services & solutions since 2004. The Strategic Systems team understands the challenges within human services agencies.

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