Health & Human Services

Every child should have a safe and healthy childhood. Communities are stronger when children and families are stable. Those that serve children deserve the best innovation.

Since the beginning in 2005, Strategic Systems has provided talented technical and functional staff to support Health & Human Services initiatives. In 2019, Strategic Systems expanded this commitment to communities by investing in products and solutions to improve quality, speed and value.

Solutions That Transform Human Services Delivery

Child Welfare

  • CCWIS Data Exchanges
  • Data Quality
  • AI Process Automation
  • Data Insights & Reporting
  • Case Management
  • Citizen & Provider Portals

Are you looking for?

  • Module Replacement
  • Full System Replacement
  • Modernization without Replacement
  • Team Augmentation

Capabilities and Experience

  • AI Bot Services
  • NEICE Clearinghouse Integration
  • Education, Court and Health Data Exchanges
  • Family First
  • Comprehensive Addiction and Recovery Act (CARA)
  • Cloud API integration
  • Mobility
  • Infrastructure Upgrade & Modernization
  • Address Cleanup and Deduplication